Two Degrees of Separation: 4 Reasons Youngstown Connects Your Business to the World

There is one person that every famous person can be traced back to. This individual’s works and deeds are so well known and in such great amounts, that a connection chain of just six or fewer people will link anyone to this iconic figure. Whether you are a movie star or a star in your own mind, there is a connection to him. That’s right! We’re talking about none other than…Kevin Bacon!

Whether you are “Footloose” and hiking up a “Mystic River,” or a part of a group of “A Few Good Men” pretending to be on “Apollo 13,” the cultural game, 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, is entertaining and, honestly, a little weird. If you haven’t tried it, Google it and see for yourself. And while this works for famous people, you are famous in your own right. Although you might not be tied to Kevin Bacon, you could be tied to the world because of where your office is located, and it is just 2 degrees of separation. That location is none other than…Youngstown, Ohio!

Have you ever made a random connection and somehow they knew someone from Youngstown? Well, that’s more common than you might think. There’s a rule called, “The Two Degrees of Separation,” in the Midwest, and it simply states that if you were to meet someone at random, within two connections through other people, you will meet someone who is happy to tell you their connection to Youngstown. This exhilaration in being, or knowing, someone from this one place could be the difference your business needs to grow and prosper.

You may be asking yourself, “Self, why is this connection so strong to this area?” Well, here are 4 reasons why an office in Youngstown connects your business to the world.

In Youngstown, businesses are so much more than a name on a storefront or a title on a sign. They represent the families that they have impacted and supported for years, and their customers know this. There is an overwhelming attitude to support businesses in Youngstown because people know about the effort it takes to get a business off the ground and more importantly, the people who continue to keep the business running, keep the same, hard-working attitude the owners had. The lines between having a business and being an individual are not so clearly defined. You are the face and being connected to a community willing to support you is what the community wants. As the business grows and either travel or leaves the area, they take you with them, just as you take your connections with you. While people may have left, they started here, and that start helped connect them and grow them into successful businesses, never forgetting their roots.

This is the overwhelming theme today: the relationships you make are important. Youngstown loves Youngstown! An office in Youngstown allows you to take advantage of that and simply have a relationship with your customers and the community. This community is vocal about what they love and are representative of the community. This is a community that takes care of each other. From local support to helping connect you with people they know, it is hard enough to start a business from the ground up. Establishing your company in Youngstown gives you a connecting referral network to help move quicker and better than you would in larger areas. This selflessness is felt by those they’ve impacted and it spreads.

The margin for error with new businesses is slim. However, small businesses are the backbone of this country. So it is no surprise that in a time of need, Youngstown will help. Your new office and company would be a part of a community here to lift you up, not tear you down. These helping hands stretch as far as you can imagine too. The two degrees of separation is a rule for a reason: people represent Youngstown if they’re from there. The helping hands don’t just stretch from Youngstown outwardly, but there are hands stretching from everywhere back to Youngstown to help a community that served them for so many years. So when you become a part of the community, pay it forward, and give back to the area that is giving you so much in return.

An area that works so hard in creating lasting relationships will work hard to maintain a good face for everyone. People work hard for everything that they have in Youngstown, especially their relationships. They are proud of their successes in businesses but not more than their connections to others. They love sharing that with everyone who steps through their doors. Your two degrees of separation from hearing someone say, “I gotta person for that!” From attorneys to accountants, doctors, and skilled trades, everyone in Youngstown has a person who they know and can help you out. Other cities can have Angie’s List or Google, Youngstown’s “gotta guy!”

Big cities in the country seem to have it all. But because of the size, connecting and growing your business may be more challenging than even starting it. With a business based in Youngstown, you will not only have support locally but will be connected to the world with the connections you make. So, what better way to give your business an opportunity not just to survive, but thrive in a place where you will have more than just local support and connections…you’ll be connected to the world.
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