Over the 25-year period from 1992 through 2017, multi-family real estate has provided the highest annual average total rate of return (9.75%) of any commercial real estate sector, according to research from CBRE*, the world’s largest commercial real estate investment firm. It outperforms every other property type, including hotels (9.61%), industrial (9.57%), retail (9.44%), and office (8.38%).
In addition, investing in residential real estate does not have as high of a barrier to enter nor the level of complexity of other property types, which make it an attractive starting point for investing in real estate.

When getting started with investing in residential real estate, many people logically gravitate towards multi-unit properties because it’s a property type readily understood by most. After all, many adults have, at some point, lived in a dorm, rented an apartment or home, or bought a residential single-family home for one’s personal, residential use.
Although investing in a residential property can also begin with buying a single family home, a fix-and-flip property or a fix-and-rent, the focus of this overview is on multi-unit residential investments. Nonetheless, many of the concepts and principles mentioned apply across multiple types of residential investment.

Rejuvenating a region can be such an exciting project. Breathing life into a community and watching what you built grow is something that can fulfill you in a way that not many things in this world can. This task can seem daunting at first, and it should. There is so much that goes into large projects like rebuilding a community, but there is a way to make sure this is a low stress experience for everyone involved. Surrounding yourself with the correct team, like a licensed real estate agent, financial strategists, accountants, architects, engineers, and more will make sure that your team has the knowledge on how to get this project done in the best way possible.

If you see an opportunity for growth in your area and want to take action, or know somebody who might be interested in making a change for the better download our Rejuvenating a Region White Paper for free for information on how to breathe new life into a community.

If you have spent years or possibly decades building your business, selling might be a difficult decision to make. The idea to sell your business may arise because of many different reasons. Possibly it is time to retire, passing on the family business is no longer an option, or simply you want a change. Despite the reasoning, the process of selling your business is probably easier than you think. I will walk you though the exit strategy I have formulated over the past decades that has worked for many of my clients.